School Fundraising

Throughout the year, the school hosts many opportunities to help raise money to help offset the costs of operation and supplies. Your support is greatly appreciated for each of these events.  Thank you.

Gertrude Hawk Easter Candy Sale
February 1-February 15, 2024

Help support our school by purchasing some sweet treats!  It is a great way to easily fill those Easter baskets while earning funds for our school! The sale runs from 2/1 through 2/15. Click here to place your order. Thank you for your support!

Redner's Save-A-Tape Program

Simply turn in your Redner's Market receipts to school or church any time. CUCC School receives 1% of the grand total of receipts submitted.  This program is ongoing and runs yearround.  Over the last two years, we have received over $1500.00 in funds. Thank you for your support!