Who is Community UCC?

I asked Pastor Bob, how would you describe CUCC? He used the words traditional, liturgical, and relaxed. He explained traditional and liturgical as a service that employs Scriptures, hymns, and sermons, and that observes the sacraments. Relaxed means that we want you to come as you are and worship with us. Whether that be shorts and sandals or suit and tie. As long as you are here you are welcome.

When you arrive
Parking and Entrance

Whether you are coming from the city or the suburbs there are two driveways to enter the church, If you enter the driveway at the top there are three parking spaces and one handicapped parking space. There is a ramp entrance into the Narthex (lobby) of the church. If you use the other driveway it will take you around the back of the building where there are three additional handicapped spaces and plenty of regular spaces. The usher at the bottom door will direct you to the stairs or the elevator. Google Map of CUCC

When you reach the Lobby

Once you reach the lobby, you will be greeted by members of CUCC. A member of the usher team is usually behind the table, making sure you receive your bulletin and communion elements (if it's the first Sunday of the month). In most cases you will be introduced to other members who might be alone, and you will be invited to sit with them. 

What about my children?
Sunday School

We invite all children to be part of the worship service at 10:15 am. We believe the sound of children is a positive sign. There is time with Pastor Bob during the service. September through May, children are then dismissed to Sunday School for a time of learning with one of our teachers. 

Over the summer children stay in the sanctuary with their parents. We do have "busy bags" with coloring pages and activity books. If you feel the need to step out of the service at any time, the library is just off the lobby and there are toys there for the children to play with. There is a speaker in the room so you won't miss the service.

Remember, at Community UCC all are welcome.

Offering and Communion

Giving gifts to God is part of worship. When you arrive in the lobby there will be an offering plate on the table where the usher is there to greet you. Gifts are a personal choice—how much you give, how you give, or if you give at all are entirely between you and God. At CUCC we accept cash, check, or electronic giving using our tithe.ly app. We provide envelopes for your cash or check, which you can then place in the plate before or after the service. If you prefer to give electronically, you can scan the QR code located in the bulletin or on the pew rack and follow the directions as a new user. Electronic gifts can not be processed if less than $5.

We observe Holy Communion the first Sunday of the month. The sacarments are individually packaged and available the same table where you get your bulletin. The botton of the cup holds a wafer that you open first and consume when the pastor instructs you. Next, you open the grape juice and consume when instructed.

After the service, you may leave your cups in the containers in the back of the pew in front of you, or else you may dispose of it in the recycling basket under the name tag rack in the lobby.

Once inside the Sanctuary and after the Service

Once inside, the organist will begin his prelude, which lets you know the service is about to begin. The pastor and worship leader will enter the doors at the rear and walk down the main aisle to the altar. The worship leader is a member of the church who helps lead the service. There is a time of sharing by the congregation of joys, concerns, and announcements. At the end of worship, the pastor will leave the altar and wait at the back door to greet all those in attendance.

If you are visiting September through May, the first Sunday is not only Communion Sunday but also fellowship Sunday. Before leaving the church, we invite you downstairs for a covered-dish reception in Fellowship Hall. Just follow your nose. One thing you need to know about CUCC is that we enjoy eating and sharing fellowship. 

Leaving the Church
Where to Exit

Upon returning to your car, all vehicles are to use the driveway to the right, behind the church and the house next door. This driveway joins a public alley. You will notice a sign at the exit to yield to traffic that has entered the alleyway. At the end of the drive you may turn left or right on St. Lawrence Avenue. Please proceed cautiously when exiting. Thank you for worshiping with us, and we hope to see you again.