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Our Preschool


Our Mission

We are proud to provide a preschool dedicated to enriching the spiritual, social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth of children through a loving, Christian environment. For thirty years, the congregation of Community UCC has encouraged the development and continued growth of a preschool program that would serve the community.

Our staff works diligently to ensure that the preschool experience is a time of fun, warmth, and security. We encourage each child to discover their own individuality through the exploration of the world around them. We are devoted to making sure that our preschoolers are well prepared for the new experiences they will encounter in kindergarten.

We thank you for allowing us to join with you in providing for the care, love and nurturing of your children. We believe each child is a unique gift from God to be appreciated and encouraged.

In His love,

Christine N. Miller

You may contact us directly at
      CUCC Preschool
           or call 610-779-7086

General Information about our program:
       Table of Content of Handbook
                       Preschool Handbook  2014-2015

As a clear testament to our love and caring, please visit these
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Mommy & Me: Children must be 2 years old to enroll in the Mommy and Me class
 Enrichment: Children 2 to 3 years old & enrolled in the Mommy & Me.
Three-year-olds: Children must be 3 by October 1st of the school year. 
Four-year-olds: Children must be 4 by October 1st of the school year

Pre-K: Children must be 5 by October 1St of the school year or recommended by teachers & Director.

Understanding our LEAP Program...

Application Forms for these programs can be downloaded by clicking the desired hyperlink below.

Mommy and Me
         Three year Olds
                   Four year Old Pre-K
                              Five year Old Pre-K

Required Supplementary Forms:
 Emergency Medical Consent  
 Permission and Release
 Parental Permission to change clothing,etc.                                                                                 
 Emergency and Disaster Planning Letter 
 Receipt of Handbook

Additional Information 

Community UCC Preschool is within the Exeter School District. Exeter has an age requirement of 5 for kindergarten by September 1 ~ of the school year. All Children must be completely potty trained and wearing underwear before the first day of school, with the exception of Mommy and Me. EnrollmentYour child will be considered enrolled in our program upon receipt of the registration form and a nonrefundable registration fee. The registration fee is $40.00 due at time of enrollment for one child or $70.00 fee for 2 or more siblings. Enrollment is open to all, regardless of religious preference, ethnic group or race. Enrollment is based on a first come first serve placement. If the class you desire is full, your child will be placed in an alternate class and his/her name will be placed on our waiting list. Admittance forms required by the first day are:
•   Emergency Medical & Consent Form
•   Copy of Immunization Record 
•   Permission and Release Form
•   Receipt of Handbook
●   ParentailPermission to Change Clothing
●   Emergency and Disaster Planning Letter  Students with special needs may enroll based upon the Director's determination that the staff and facility can meet the child’s need with reasonable accommodations. The parent must provide the preschool director and classroom teacher with any professional assessment and documentation.

Potty Training Policy
Children enrolled in Preschool 3’s, 4’s, and Pre-K must be potty trained before attending preschool. We realize that “accidents” will happen. “Accidents” by definition are unusual incidents and should happen infrequently. We have a “three accident” policy in place. When three accidents occur in one month’s time we will re-evaluate your child’s placement in preschool.  
Potty-trained preschool children can:  
•        Communicate to the teachers that he/she needs to go to the restroom.
•        Go to the restroom and perform the necessary functions without assistance from an adult.
•        Wear cloth underwear. Pull-ups are not allowed.  

If your child is not completely potty trained as described above when preschool starts, you may choose one of the following options:  
•        You may withdraw your child from the preschool and place their name at the top of our waiting list without paying tuition. The registration fee is nonrefundable and you are not guaranteed placement.
•        You may continue to pay tuition to hold your child’s spot until potty training has been completed.   Again, it is not uncommon for a child who is fully toilet trained to have a set back when he/she is in a new environment. Preschool Staff are aware of this and will assist the children when necessary. Staff will allow time for potty breaks during class. Parents will be notified if a child has a potty accident.  

Waiting List
Your child’s name can be placed on our waiting list in two ways  
1.       Your child is placed in an alternate class.
2.       You call and there are no openings at the present time. (This will not guarantee a space in a class, but it will assure you a phone call in the event of an opening, when your child’s name comes to the top of the list.)

Visitation Preschool visits are welcomed at anytime during the year: the Director will gladly show you the facilities and answer any questions you may have concerning the program.  
•   Your child is welcome to visit the school with you if you wish to see the facilities.
•   Come to our Open House in January to see the facilities and to meet the teachers.
•   If it is necessary for you to observe a class, please do not bring siblings along. The teacher and assistant need to give their attention to children enrolled in their classroom.
•   You may volunteer to be a mystery reader or lend a helpful hand.

Please complete the volunteer form so we know what gifts and talents you would like to share with us.  

Tuition payments are made monthly and are nonrefundable. Please pay with cash or check on the first week of each month. Checks should be made payable to Community UCC Preschool. Tuition may be placed in the blue plastic kid friendly mailbox located outside of preschool, or you can mail your payment to Community UCC Preschool: 3330 St. Lawrence Ave. Reading, PA 19606   All cash transactions will be followed up with receipts. If you would like a receipt for your check transactions, please let the Director know.  

Tuition is considered late after the 10th of each month and a fee of $10.00 will be assessed. Non-payment creates a risk of disenrollment. Tuition payments are due regardless of sick days, snow days, or absences. A $30.00 fee will be charged for insufficient funds on returned checks.  

2014-2015 Tuition Prices             
             Mommy & Me 1 day                       $ 30.00
             Mommy & Me 2 day (enrichment)   $ 50.00
             Three-year-olds 2 day program      $ 85.00
             Fours Pre-K 3 day program           $ 125.00
             Pre-K- 4/5 5 day program            $ 190.00
             Leap per session                          $ 12.00



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